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Unobtanium plugin removes excessive photorealism of your pictures. It improves details, smoothes surface of objects, eliminates image imperfections. The unique plugin for high quality image retouching with strong random noise removing.


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Current version 2.50  multi-core support
Release date Apr.28.2017
Registration fee US$ 44.90

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Please visit Unabtanium HD samples page

 Unobtanium: Cartoon1 + Cartoon1 preset


 Unobtanium: Cartoon1 preset + Portrait1 preset


 Unobtanium: HDR1 preset + Sharplet: 40%

 Unobtanium: Craquelure preset

 Unobtanium: HDR2 preset

 Unobtanium: Cartoon2 preset

 Unobtanium: Custom preset

 Unobtanium: Landscape2 preset + Sharplet: 25%





































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