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I have not received the link to the full version.
Older Fractalius Presets.
Do your filters run under Windows 7, 64-Bit?
Compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS4 64-Bit?
Fractalius is very slow
Fractalius crashes
To deactivate the demo version.
For Mac OS.





My credit card has already been charged, but I have not received a download link for my order.


There are two reasons why you have not received the link to download in 4 hours after ordering:
1. You have entered wrong e-mail address (mistyped etc). Please inform us about the correct e-mail box in this case.
2. Your spam filter declines our messages. Please use the mailbox without any antispam system, or try to find our message in the 'spam' folder.


Where can I find presets for Fractalius version 1.77?


You can download presets v1.77

Just unzip the file 'FractaliusPresets177.reg' to a temporary folder, then double-click on it, then click on 'Yes' button.


Do your filters run under Windows 7, 64-Bit?


Our filters work fine with Windows 7, 64-bit. Please try demo versions


Do your filters work with Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, CC 64-Bit?


Now we have 11 plug-ins compatible with 64-bit Image Editors:

Unobtanium all versions. 8/16 bit RGB support
Sharplet all versions. 8/16 bit RGB support
Fractalius 2 all versions. 8/16 bit RGB support
Fine Touch all versions. 8/16 bit RGB support
ATX all versions
Face Control version 2.00
Fractalius version 1.75 or higher
iEmboss version 1.50 or higher
Sketch Master version 3.33 or higher
Perfectum version 2.01 or higher
Umatrix version 1.80 or higher


Whenever I try to apply Fractalius, the progress screen locks up, I canít get out of it or even get back to Photoshop and I end up having to restart my computer to get rid of the problem.


Unfortunately, Fractalius has low performance on large images, greater than 6M pixels. The progress bar does not really freeze, but it moves very slowly. You can reduce the image size for better time. There is no necessity to reboot computer, just press the Escape key to return to the Image Editor.


If I try to use Fractalius, I get a dialog from Photoshop reading:

"Could not complete the Fractalius command because of a program error."



Fractalius is a "memory hungry" program. I suppose you allocates excessive memory to Photoshop. Fractalius does not use Photoshop memory, it works with the Windows memory directly. Please do not set Photoshop memory usage more than 50%. Please correct Photoshop Preferences (Photoshop: Edit/Preferences/Performance/Memory Usage).

To unlock the error message please reinstall Fractalius:

1. Delete Fractalius.8bf file from your plug-ins folder.
2. Restart Photoshop. Be sure Fractalius not listed in the filters
3. Run Fractalius setup program to install Fractalius
4. Restart Photoshop again.


What is the best way to deactivate the Demo?


To deactivate the demo version, please delete or remove the demo file (FilterNameDemo.8bf) from your plug-ins folder. It is absolutely safe for the registered versions.


Have you any plans to release Redfield Plug-ins for Mac OS?


Sorry, we regret that we do not have any plans to port our plug-ins to the Mac OS.






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